Sunday, April 06, 2008

A Dogs' Life

It’s been almost 10 months since we adopted our puppies, its got to be close to their 1-yr old birthday (I have enough trouble keeping track of the people's birthdays in my family, don't ask me to know the animals' birthdays!). They're about 75 pounds each these days, and don’t seem to be suffering TOO much… Thanks to my wonderful wife for snapping this shot, I only did a little tweaking:

Here's the post from when they were brand new to us: click here


photowannabe said...

That's contentment and your title is perfect.
I love how the paw is resting on the back of the other dog. Great shot.

John Roberts said...

Boy, did they get big since the last photo I saw of them! Purina must love you!

They certainly look content. This reminds me of the George Carlin quote, "What does a dog do on his day off? He can't just lay around, that's his job."

Sherry said...

geez they really have grown! how sweet.