Thursday, May 15, 2008

80 / 20

Still no ftp a access, thus no new photos. Sorry... I might have to find another ftp method, some other drastic tactic...

Anyway, here’s a diversion, a little review of my microstock experience. After almost 15 months at Shutterstock (my top performing site), here's a chart of the distribution of sales. First off, 78% of the images have at least 1 sale. That’s a number that has been remarkably consistant over the months, usually between 75% and 80%.

And while the bulk of my sales come from a small percentage of my portfolio, it’s a bit broader than the proverbial 80/20 rule. 80% of my earnings come from 31.5% of my portfolio. On the other hand, the top 5% of my portfolio does account for over 30% of my earnings, so it’s still pretty “top heavy”.

Still having fun, and those quarters do add up. Everybody ought to give it a try!

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