Monday, June 16, 2008

Apt. Fire, Pt. 2

Remeber the post last week about the apartment fire in Pullman Washington. Well, at a co-worker's urging, I sent a copy of that photo to a couple local media outlets, and one, The Spokane Spokesman-Review actually purchased it!! They paid $100 for non-exclusive rights to publish it on their web site, and in the next day's paper. This is my first "paid" journalism shot since a freelance job I did for the Fayetteville (North Carolina) Observer, back in 1981. I think that one paid $15....

Above is another shot of the event, taken from my aprtment window.... I had felt guilty about even taking photos of somebody's tragedy, but was able to offset that uneasiness by donating the $100 to the families that were displaced (through a collection at my work). And yes, that is snow (In June).

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Ol' Froth said...

DAmn! Congrats! You're part of the 4th estate!