Monday, June 23, 2008

Please Help With Experiment!

Below is an image from my ShutterStock portfolio.

Right now it is my least popular image on the SS site. I'm trying an experiment to see what role views have on the popularity algorithm, Not purchases, but views. SOOOOO, I'm asking if everybody who sees this would take a moment and click through and see if it helps. Of course, you have my permission to purchase, too!


photowannabe said...

I couldn't click through without an account. Sorry...I think this is a great scenery shot

LSqrd said...

Couldn't click through w/o an account?? Well GRRR.

thanks for trying though. I also posted this experiment to a microstock group I'm in.... after 24 hours this image has moved up quite a few spots. So it does seem to make a difference.

photowannabe said...

Hope your experiment continues to make a difference for you. I do enjoy your work.