Sunday, July 20, 2008

Nationwide at Gateway

We had a great time at the race last night, here’s a few select photos

During qualifying: Steve Wallace pulling off the track, while Clint Boyer goes by at 130mph+

We were able to get autographs from several drivers, including Jamie McMurray, who had just won the pole

Coming down for the green flag to start the race

A little past 1/2 way, trouble coming out of turn 4. A lot of good cars were knocked out.

Winner Carl Edwards about to do his famous backflip, at the start / finish line


Sherry said...

oh geeeezzzz. another race fan.

i'm surrounded by 'em! ; )

LSqrd said...

You say that like it is a bad thing!

Just remember the Billy Preston song (singing): "Will it go round in circles"

photowannabe said...

Cool shots Larry. Love the action and that you got some autographs.
Its a great way to spend some time on the weekend.