Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Over or Under?

Have you ever noticed that some folks put the roll with the end hanging over, while other have it hang under?? Not to sound like Andy Rooney or anything, but why do you suppose that is? Whether we’re talking bathroom tissue, or paper towels, or whatever. Is there a “right” way (and conversely a “wrong”)? Do people have specific logic for their preference, or is there some deep-seated, subconscious driver? Has anybody ever done a statistical analysis, with breakdowns by gender / race / national origin???

Me? I’m an over-the-top guy. And as an engineer, I can explain why, in more detail than you probably care to know.

The photo, by the way is from my microstock collection, and sells pretty well. You just never know, I suppose.


Sherry said...

over the top.

i can say this,
if you have a cat that unwinds the roll, it's harder for them if it's under BUT then they shred the roll.

dogs give up if it's hard to grab and unroll by running backwards.

i have no idea what a pot bellied pig or pygmy goat might do! ; )

photowannabe said...

I'm over the top too. Not sure why..I guess its the way my mother always did it...Lol...perhaps its so deep seated psycological reason.