Sunday, September 07, 2008

Speed Limit 55

Just a snapshot, along the road to/from Pere Marquette State Park. From our Sunday bike ride last weekend. My son wore out, and he and I aborted, while mom went for the mini-van to retreive us. We found a spot alongthe bike trail with an arrow pointed down toward the road, and a sign which said "bike parking"... So he and I headed down to what we thought would be a nice little spot by the road to wait. This is where the trail dumped out, right along the 55mph road, with no sholders or anything.... At least there was a pull-out on the other side, where we could wait, once we dashed across the road....

One of these days I'll take an image like this that is "compelling". Maybe... Or more liekely not... But I'll still keep at it.

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