Monday, October 27, 2008

Goose Poop

There’s a nice, open, field next to where I work. Nice now, but soon to be another office building. And a fountain. I noticed the other day, that with the nearing of cold weather, quite a few geese are hanging out here. No problem, happy waterfowl, I love the environment, all that warm fuzzy stuff. Until today, when I went out for lunch and found a massive splat of dried gloop on my windshield. Had to be goose poop. Grrrr. Reminding me once again why there’s a big market for goose abatement products

But, on reflection, it’s hard to blame a goose for being a goose. And they are cool when they fly overhead in formation, honking away. Just as long as they’re not dropping bombs, I suppose.


Sherry said...

pgh has a huge problem with geese.

i love the geese but goose poop? icky!

John Roberts said...

That's one of the most perfect patterns of geese I've ever seen!