Monday, November 24, 2008

Lost and Found

Last Saturday, this puppy showed up at our yard, trying to visit with our dogs. She didn't have a collar, but was clean, well fed, and very well socialized.

Long story made short: We were unable to find the owners, and ended up taking her to our local pet-hospital. They determined that she had been micro-chipped, but it had not been "activated". So the weren't able to identify the owners (only the place that installed it, but they were closed for the weekend). Anyway, they agreed to keep her for the weekend... We checked this morning, and the pup was reuinited with the owners today, after they were able to track contact the place that planted the chip... So we're pleased.

Our puppies are chipped, but the registration expired not too long ago. We need to renew it, I suppose!

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Sherry said...

hiya. i think it's a great idea.