Sunday, December 28, 2008

Fighting Back

Rocky Bleier was one of my favorite Steelers back in the 70's. As the alternative to Franco Harris, he wasn't their biggest star, but he was a solid, hard nosed guy. He rushed for 1,000 years in 1976, and retired with 4 Super Bowl rings....
I just finished re-reading his autobiography, "Fighting Back", which was written after the Steeler's Super Bowl IX win. I was given a hardback copy sometime back then, probably as a Christmas gift when I was 15... and I still have it. The book chroincles Bleier's comeback from devestating injuries in Vietnam, when he was told he would be lucky to walk normally again. An interesting read, even though it was written well before his retirement from Football, or subsequent activities....

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Sherry said...

you bet!!!!! ; )

rocky still does a lot of good work around here but i think no one beats franco for showing up whenever any org. needs a helping hand.

charlie batch is like that too, always helping people and kids.