Sunday, January 04, 2009

The Phelps' homestead, in Tennessee:

We call it a farm, though they don't grow any crops that I've ever seen... They do have a couple of oxen, but I don't think thye've been yoked in years.... They had some chickes foe a while, but that was a while ago... None of which matters, it is still a wonderful place to visit.

There's quite a few trails on the property, and in the area, I'm often unsure if I'm still on their land or not. I was really struck by the little area shown above. The trail is a bit above the stream, and there was a wide flat area between the stream and the hillside. I imagine it floods with some regularity.

We ain’t got no diamond studded Cadillacs
We ain’t got no furry minks across our backs
We don’t worry ‘bout the things that we can’t see
We got all we need, we got Tennessee

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