Sunday, January 18, 2009

Pinewood Derby 2009 - Go Steelers!

Yesterday was the PAck 34 Pinewood Derby. My son's a "Bear Cub", and here's his car:

This year's car carries a Steelers theme! We're hoping the football team does as well today as the race car did!!

- - -
At the start: I added the "Go!!" to make it clear the fellow wasn't yawning!

Most of the races were quite close.... But the Steeler car won almost every race it was in.... It finished 2nd twice, and 1st all the rest of the time.

a "photo" finish?

- - -

After a victory lap, it's time to face the press!!

OK, not really on the "face the press" part... But it is ojn to the next level. The top 3 cars from each Pack go on to regionals. So we have to keep the car in one piece for a while...

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Sherry said...

yeah!!!! oh how cute!!!!