Sunday, February 22, 2009

Give A Little Whistle....

8.0 sec, f-13, natural light.Effects in PSE 2.0 Uploaded on 12/30/2005 12:26:53 PM

Made with Nikon D70 Digital SLR Camera

This one was a "photo of the day" and monthly Finalist at BetterPhoto, way back in December 2005. Back then, I was active in a Yahoo group that did monthly photo challenges. The challenge that month was "Teapots"... Someone pointed out later that this is, in fact, a teakettle.... Whoops.

This image was all about the arc for me. The 23 black arcs of the handles, the arc of the kettle, the arc of the lid.... The 8 second exposure was so that I could use natural light in the kitchen, and a big f-stop for lots of depth of field. I replaced the background in Photoshop Elements. It would've been a better photo if I'd've cleaned the kettle first...

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