Monday, February 02, 2009

Steelers 27, Cardinals 23

Wow. A great game, especially for those of us who are Steeler fans! But I'm also a Kurt Warner fan, so I'm glad he had a good game. I was afraid he was going to pull it out for Phoenix, though.... Phew. We had a few friends over, even though most of them were rooting for Phoenix. But we kept it civil, and a good time was had by all.

That's 6 super bowls for the Stillers, and I've been cheering for them at each of them. But I was only in Pittsburgh for the 1st two. The 2nd two were while I was in North Carolina (for college), and the last 2 since I've lived in STL area....


Sherry said...

it was a nail biter! i must have paced 2 miles around the club where we has our superbowl party.

the party was great this year. tons of food and no one got into any arguments.

the stadium, i noticed ,looked like it was full of steeler fans.

Sherry said...