Thursday, March 19, 2009

Great Music not available on digital

Some of these discs may have been available at some point or another, but looking at iTunes and AMazon, they're not now...... Granted, none of these are in the list of "greatest albums of all time", but I'd replace my well wormn vinyl copies ina flash:

Tonio K. - Life In The Foodchain (Worth it for H-A-T-R-E-D alone, Rolling Stone magazine declared this among the greatest records of all time when it was released)

Greg Kihn Band - Rock Kihn Roll. Featuring "The Breakup Song", but an strong album overall.

Iron City Houserockers. - Love's So Tough, Have A Good Time But Get Out Alive and Blood On The Bricks. The trifecta from Pittsburgh's favorite bar band (of the late 70's)...

Herman Brood and His Wild Romance. OK, just the song "Saturday Night"....

Poco - Rose of Cimmaron and Indian Summer. Their last 2 "original" albums, before Timothy B Schmidt joined the Eagles. Rose was their biggest seller..... but not to be found.

That's just a feew, my list goes on-and-one. I check in every once in awhile, and occasionally something from the list will pop up (most recently "Sniff n the Tears" on CD)... What gems are you wishing for?

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