Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Marching Along

Well, it is finally March. The third month of the year. Which has inspired my choice of playlists today. I’m listening to Top 40 Hits from 1973 (The whole “3” thing, get it?). and it was a very good year. 1973 was the year I became a teenager… I was in the Middle School, wearing a coat and tie to school every day. Winter of 1973 I had to drop off the wrestling team due to a flare up of knee problems (I spent a month or two in a walking cast, yee-ha!). By Fall of ’73 I was an 8th grader, top-of-the-heap as far as Middle School.

Movies I most remember seeing in 1973?? Gotta be “The Poseidon Adventure” and “Walking Tall” … Remember, I was a kid, flicks like “The Exorcist” and “Serpico” simply weren’t in my league.

Musically? Well, there was a lot of great pop songs on the charts in 1973 (Drift Away, Stuck In The Middle With You, Dancing In The Moonlight, Midnight Train To Georgia). And a lot of not-so-great ones (Tie A Yellow Ribbon, Delta Dawn, Half Breed, Wildflower). Some solid rockers that made the charts ( Long Train Running, Smoke On The Water, Rambling Man). And some that were just wonderfully silly (Hocus Pocus, Cover Of The Rolling Stone, Dead Skunk)…


Anonymous said...

Now that brings back some memories!!


John Roberts said...

How did you finagle your way onto the presidential yacht? Or was it just a long lens?