Tuesday, April 28, 2009


One of the fun things about iTunes/iPod is the ability to keep track of all sorts of statistics, and to set up “smart” playlists based on them. Recently-added, recently-played, 5-star-rated, etc.

Anyway….. recently I did a sort of my music library on iTunes, and noticed a pretty high number of songs that have never been played. There’s lots of reasons why this is, but it's mostly older CD's recently ripped to digital, and lots of various forms of free stuff. Bottom line: after cleaning up the obvious stuff (such as stuff downloaded for my wife and immediately burned to audio CDs), I was left with over 700 un-played songs out of almost 10,000 on the iPod (7.01% of my library). More than I expected....

Hmmmm, what to do?? Obviously, make a “smart” playlist of songs with a play-count of zero! Which I did, and to which I’ve been listening for the past couple of days. Lots of interesting stuff.

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