Friday, April 17, 2009

Photography In The Workplace

They say a picture is worth 1,000 words. And while I won’t try to figure it precisely, there is no doubt that imaging plays an ever increasing role in my workplace. Several years ago, when I got my first point-n-shoot digital, I started taking it with me on business trips. My primary goal was personal, to further my long-standing hobby as I travelled the country. But I found that it was quite useful in my work as well. Whether documenting the set-up of display for an industry conference, or evaluating a job site for upgrading controls equipment, pictures can be great tools. Even down to documenting shipping damage on crates / packages, or specific settings on legacy equipment….

Over the years, I’ve taken images that have ended up in company brochures, sales presentations, training materials, and posters for conferences / trade shows. And I’ve taken countless photos for myself, and even to sell via microstock.

My current company even provides a camera to each office, and encourages us to document projects: before, during and after. Of course, I think it’s a wonderful evolution in the world. Meanwhile, one of my employees recently had to take a quick business trip to Hawaii (I know, but somebody had to go). Along with photos documenting the business, he also took a few images on a quick run by the beach. Since he didn’t clear the memory card before turning the camera in, I’ll just post my favorite of his images here, just 'cause I can:


A few examples of personal photos from Business Travel: here, here, here, here

A few examples of microstock photos from Business Triavel: here, here, here, here

(ed: meanwhile, at under 300 words, this post is barely worth a snapshot....)

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