Sunday, May 17, 2009

Funky Funky but Chic

Another from the BetterPhoto archive...

Over the years, I've made many many trips between St.Louis area and points-north (usually on business). A bit south of Bloomington, and north of Lincoln, Funk's Grove sits along old Rt. 66. Unfortunately, like the mythical town of Radiator Springs, it is bypassed by the Interstate. About 5 miles south of the Shirley exit and about 5 miles north of the McLean exit.... Anyway, with a name like Funk's Grove, I had to check it out!! Not a lot there, at least these days. But next time I'll have to pick up some Maple Sirip!

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John Roberts said...

My kind of place! I revel when I find one of these because they're getting hard to find.