Tuesday, October 06, 2009

J-Bass Relic!

Nowadays in the music world, you can buy your guitar (or bass) relic-ed or "road worn". This means they beat it up for you, so it looks like you've had it for years. Well... we don't need to pay no stinkin' fee to make our stuff look like it has been mistreated!! Above is a brand new photo of the first bass I bought. Obtained way back in 1978 from a Pittsburgh Pawnshop. I sold it to a freind after a year or so, and after he played a few years it went into storage. He gave it back to me last weekend!

Now this baby has personality!! Not sure who did what mods when, and (what damage) when... but this one has seen some action. And too many years in a basement!

It seems to wook fairly well. The bridge pickup isn't working. That may just be a loose wire, or bad switch, though

I love the replacemnt knob....

The big decision is what to do with it.... Fix it up nicely?? Or just get the first layer of grunge off, and fix the wiring.... I'm leaning the latter.


Ol' Froth said...


Ol' Froth said...

Oh, and I may have hit an amp with it...not sure though....The punk band I was a member of in college was a pretty drunk punk band.

MikeW said...

quick and dirty sounds like a good plan to me.

Anonymous said...

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