Monday, December 07, 2009

Heroes Are Hard To Find

I’ve been seeing a lot of complaints about the Pittsburgh Steelers today. Comments like “Horrible dude. Absolutely horrible. They should be embarrassed to wear an NFL uniform.”, “they are just stinkin' up the joint”. After all they've dropped 4 in a row, including OT losses to KC and Baltimore and a last-second loss to Oakland.

Now, I’ve been a huge Steeler fan for 30+ years, and I hate to see them struggle. This has certainly been a disappointing year, and they seem to be fading as the season goes forward. But I have 3 words for you: St. Louis Rams. As in: how about a little perspective? I currently live in the St. Louis area, and am subjected to the St. Louis Rams every Sunday. We’re talking 6-34 over the past 3 years, and trending down. Down as in 3 wins in ’07, 2 wins in ’08, 1 win (so far) in ’09. Heck, the next worst teams (Detroit and KC) have won 9 games over that span. Yes, the Steelers have been pretty frustrating the past few weeks, but they are still 6-6 this year. They are 28-12 over the past 3 years (regular season) and are still the defending Super Bowl Champs. And while this season appears to be shot for the Steelers, there’s a good chance they’ll be contending again next year. Unlike the St. Louis Rams. Or quite a few other teams for that matter. Imagine how lucky Steeler fans are to be so upset over 6-6?? It could be worse, remember the Mark Malone years?

On the other hand, if they lose to Cleveland this week.......

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John Roberts said...

Good perspective! True fans remain fans even in the lean years. I have little use for "bandwagon fans".