Tuesday, April 27, 2010


As in: Eleven Thousand, One Hundred and Eleven. That’s the number of songs on my iPod as of today. I just added Billy Joel’s “The Stranger” last night, recorded to mp3 from the original vinyl. That's #67 on Rolling Stone's list of the Top 500 Albums of All Time. I like to think my tastes are pretty eclectic, but a quick review of “Genres” tells a slightly different story. Of the 11111 songs, here’s the percentage breakdown (number of songs, not time):
· Rock / Pop / etc. 73%
· Bluegrass/Country /Folk 12%
· Classical: 5%
· Jazz 5%
· Blues 3%
· Everything Else 5%

Now that’s just based on number of songs, but it’s an easy to retrieve measure. I could argue all day about the various sub-genres represented in “rock”, or the average length of Classical pieces, etc… But I think the message is still pretty clear. Maybe my next vinyl dubbing project needs to be my Thelonius Monk!

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