Sunday, April 18, 2010

Full Moon Night

This is another scan from an old slide... From one of my backpacking trips in high school; pretty sure it was early spring '78. This particular night, my buddy Mike and I sat up well into the night, talking about the future, our lives after high school.... The different directions we'd be going, where we thought life would be leading us. All while sitting on a tree trunk fallen into the stream near our tent....

As far as the photo, this was the view from the entrance to the tent. I didn't have a tripod, and this was well before the "smart" cameras we have these days. I recall that I set the camera on the ground for stability, aimed by guesswork, set the exposure for "b", and held the shutter button for a count of 20 (ish). Turned out OK.... Certainly looks like a full moon to me....

- - -
With the joys of digital darkroom, I cropped it tonight for a more "rule of thirds" presentation. Better??

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