Saturday, July 31, 2010

Bands (and Artists) I Probably Should Like (But Don’t) - Part 2

Part 1 was Journey. With 6x Top 10 hits, and ranked 155 on's list of Global Pop Points Rankings. My next "I should like but I don't" artist ranks even higher.

And that's Bob Seger. Seger ranks 91, with 7x Top 10s and a #1. And 18 Top 40's. Not to mention membership in the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame. By any objective measure, Bob Seger is huge. And from the Iconic "Old Time Rock And Roll" to the smash "Night Moves"..... I don't like it. What's funny is that I can explain why I don't like Journey. But I don't have any specific logic for disliking Bob Seger. Except that I just don't like him.

So there.

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