Saturday, July 03, 2010

Fake Infrared...

So, we're doing some cleaning today, and I came across a CD of photos from ... Wal-Mart which is not a place I normally ise for photo processing. Pop it in the computer drive, and discover some "single use camera" images from back in April of 2005.  One of the internet groups I was involved in back then did a challenge to shoot w/ a throwaway camera.  This disc was from that challenge.  Anyway, I decide to mess around with some of the images. One of the results is below:
This is Silver Lake Park, in Highland, IL, near where I used to work.  A great spot for lunch time sanity breaks...  I did a rather lot of tweaking on this, crop, levels, etc.  Then used the Infrared filter built-in to Photoshop Elements.  I think it turned out kinda cool?  What say y'all?

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