Thursday, July 22, 2010


I’ve been listening to Stephen Stills' solo stuff today. There’s no doubt that Stills’ membership in the Rock’n’Roll Hall Of Fame is because of his work with Buffalo Springfield / CSN / CSNY. But Stills had some great songs in the early 70’s, including with Manassas*, . There’s some hits, some other really good songs, and a few that are…. well, less memorable. But nothing that’s bad.

I saw Steve Stills 3 times during the late 70’s. Twice with Crosby Stills & Nash, and once with the Stills-Young Band. Good show each time. Never had a chance to see him solo, though.


Love The One You’re With (1970, #14)

Sit Yourself Down (1971, #37)

Marianne (1971, #42)

Change Partners (1971 #43)

Isn’t It About Time (1973, #56)

It Doesn’t Matter (Manassas - 1972, #61)

* Manassas was technically was a distinct band, though nobody really remembers it as such.  It included notables Chris Hillman and Rick Roberts. Hillman was a former member of the Byrds, and Flying Burrito Brothers, and went on to groups like Souther Hillman Furay and Desert Rose Band. Rick Roberts was in the Flying Burrito Brothers, and a founding member of Firefall.  Manassas only put out 2 albums, in 1972 and 1973.

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