Friday, July 16, 2010

Take 5

I always figured 5-strings were for banjo. Well, “always” is a bit of an overstatement, but you get my point. But they also make 5-String basses. And I always figured 5-String Basses were primarily for death-metal punks (there’s that hyperbolic “always” again)….

Anyway, our Praise Band leader has been suggesting I get a 5-string.  And I’ve been resisting. After all, John Entwistle didn’t need 5 strings…Nor any of the other bass players I grew up idolizing. But the more I talked with folks, the more I realized that 5-strings are not just for death-metal, and are actually pretty common in the praise & worship setting. And that maybe my objections were more like the guy from Green Eggs & Ham. After all, I’ve never tried a 5-string at all. So maybe I should give it an opportunity... and then I found an “as-New” SX 5-String bass for sale, at a VERY appealing price. I figure it’s a good chance to take an extended test drive, and see if I might actually like these green eggs and ham…. It has arrived, though I haven’t had a chance to do more than make sure it works.

Meanwhile, I’ve been lisening to songs with 5 in the title:

  • Take 5 – Dave Brubeck
  • 5 Guys Named Moe – Joe Jackson
  • 5 Long Years – Eric Clapton
  • 5% For Nothing – Yes
  • 5 Short Minutes Jin Croce
  • 5 String Blues – Roy Buchanan
  • 5 To 1 – Doors
  • 5 Years – David Bowie

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John Roberts said...

Maybe you could look into the Alembic 8-String Bass, used by John Paul Jones of Led Zeppelin in the studio on "In Through The Out Door".