Friday, July 30, 2010

Washington Park

Like many Churches, ours does vacation bible school every year.  And for many years, when finished, we pack it all up, and take it to Washington Park, IL.  Then we do it again for the kids down there.  Pretty cool.  Here's a couple images from last Sunday, when folks were setting up:
Trinity UMC and Outreach Center.  They actually do VBS in the adjacent building.
The view across the street from the church....
Washington Park is a pretty distressed neighborhood, and I often wonder what could be done to change the dynamic in such a place.  I don't have any magic answers...   But tearing down the burned-out strip joint (that's been around the corner for several years) might help.
One of these adys I should do a real photo study.
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From Google-maps Street-view:

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Anonymous said...

Thank for posting pictures. When I read Linda's comment the other day, I just assumed she was talking about a place with trees and grass.

VBS is good, but especially good if you can do it twice.