Saturday, August 28, 2010


My son and I did something different today.  We went over to St. Louis and watched some vintage baseball.  The St. Louis Perfectos vs the U.City Lions.  These guy's play baseball circa 1860.  It was pretty cool!  We saw them at Lafyette Park, which apparently was hosting baseball games like this back in the 1860's....  It was a really good time, we'll have to do itt again!

Here's some photos:

Perfectos striker getting ready to hit, with a runner at first. 
- - -

Foul ball!!  Note scorekeeper in the background.  Bats in the foreground.  The teams shared a common bench, the field was simply a, well, field.  Not fences or bleachers ar anything.
- - -

View from the outtfield.  Note hay-bale backstop.  That's the Arbiter (umpire) off to the left of homeplate.  He only gets involved if the players can't agree on a call.  You can't really tell, but the fielders don't wear gloves.
- - -
Another striker....
- - -
They played a double header, the Perfectos won both. 

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