Monday, August 02, 2010


Last Christmas, my wife gave me a set of hangers, to display some of my basses.  It only took me 7 months to get them mounted.  But better late than never.  Here's the toys:

Left to right:  My wife's Yamaha accoustic.  She's had it since high-school, still works fine.  My son's new Ibanez ADD120 electric guitar.  Just bought last weekend, traded his old (LTD) along with a couple month's worth of lawn mowing money.  My 1965/66 Hagstrom HIIB bass, bought last summer off eBay.  My off brand J-Bass copy, bought in 1978.  Recently reacquired from OlFroth (thanks John!).  My new SX 5-string, bought (slightly) used from  I almost have it playable.  My Gretsch short scale, a gift from my brother.  And my 1966/67 Guild Jetstar, which I've had since '79, but needs reassembled after being refinished....  There's actually 1 more, the Peavey Milestone I picked up last year for VBS...  I'm considering donating it to the Church for the youth group...

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