Wednesday, September 01, 2010

South Gate

Another blast from the past, this one goes WAY back.  Shot on film, on my trust Canon TX, during my latter college years.  Like yesterday's post, this is one of those images that I've always liked more than anybody else.  Probably because of what it could've / should've been rather than what it is.   I'm sure an art teacher could point out many compositional flaws, and I wouldn't argue.  But It's still one of my creations, and I suppose I see it with a father's eyes.

When I took this photo, I was trying to contrast the lines of the brick / window frame with the reflected randomness of the trees.  The decline and decay of the building compared to the ever renewing of nature...  all that good stuff.

I didn't realize that the ladder in the room would show up.  But when this image first faded-in in the dim light of the darkroom, it's that ladder that captured my fancy, as some sort of metaphysical link between the real and the reflected.  Pretty heady for the 20 year old kid I was at the time...

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