Thursday, December 09, 2010

Hocking Hills

Third is a series of photos of which I recently ordered big prints (see here & here).  This one is from Hocking Hills State Park

The prints arrived today.  And naturally, I'm disappointed.  I'm seldom happy with my images, though, and the bigger the print, the more I obsess over the shortfalls.


John Roberts said...

Looks very like very rugged country, especially for your area! I like the green moss on the boulder. This one definitely deserves color.

LSqrd said...

Thanks John! I should have mentioned that this is in south-central Ohio, not particularly near here. There is a somewhat similar area about 2 hrs noth of here, I need to get down there (Fern Clyffe State Park)

LSqrd said...

typos: Ferne Clyffe is about 2 hrs SOUTH of hear, near the Shawnee National Forest.