Thursday, January 13, 2011

Running Out?

My iPod passed a significant milestone yesterday:  I passed the 90% full mark.  Yep, my 80 Gig friend (which actually has a bit under 75 Gig stoage space) is under 7.4 Gig of open space.  And a mere 12,605 songs....

Hmm, perhaps I need to start saving pennies for a 160 Gig replacement?  I still have a lot of vinyl to dub, and there's always something new on my wish list....  It didn't take long to fill my 30 Gig ipod, but the 80 Gig has taken 4 years to get this far.  Unless I start downloading videos, a 160 ought to last quite a while.  Regardless, I figure to have a few months to plan.


Linda Lawhead said...

You could just add to the 30, then you would have 110! Luv ya!

LSqrd said...

I suppose I could put Jazz / Classical / etc on the 30 Gig, and Rock / County / Folk / etc on the 80 Gig.

But can you imagine my consternation trying to keep track of two iPods?? As much trouble as I have with th e one???