Saturday, March 26, 2011

Hot 100 Chart 1977-03-26

Last Saturday, I listed the Top 10 songs in the country on 3/19/1977. This week (3/26/1977), there were only a few changes from the prior week. Hall & Oates' “Rich Girl” jumped from #3 to #1, bumping “Love Theme From 'A Star Is Born' (Evergreen)” . I’ll call that going from worse to bad…. Mean while, there was only 1 new songs in the Top 10:

That’s a good one, but only made it up to #5. 10cc only had 2 big hits; this and “I’m Not In Love” which made it to #2 in 1975. Their only other Top 40 in America was “People In Love” which followed “Things We Do..” but only managed #40.

Dropping out of the Top 10 was Fleetwood Mac’s “Go Your Own Way” which fell to #18 after peaking at #10 last week.

Notable debuts this week?
Eleven (11) songs made their debut 3/26/77. The highest open was just #71: Whodunnit by Tavares (which would peak at #22)

Other newbies which made Top 40:

  • Lucille – Kenny Rodgers (opened at #83, peaked at #5)
  • Feels Like The First Time – Foreigner (opened at #89, peaked at #4)
  • Cinderella – Firefall (opened at #90, peaked at #34)
  • Slowdown – John Miles (opened at #96, peaked at #34)

I like Firefall, but Cinderella is one of those pretty songs with really depressing lyrics. The boy meets girl, girl gets pregnant…. boy tells girl to get lost then later he wonders if her child (his son) had all the “toys and joys that a young man should have”… What a jerk.

And a great song that didn’t make the Top 40: Arrested For Driving While Blind by ZZ Top. It opened at #94, peaked at #91. It did stay on the Hot 100 for 6 weeks, which I suppose is good for politically incorrect song that didn’t crack #90.  The other 5 debuts neither made the Top 40, nor linger in my memory (if they were ever there). And shall remain unmentioned here.

 Todays image?  Not even taken by me!!  One of the guys in my office borrowed the division camera last spring, took this photo of geese in the pond in front of our office. 

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