Friday, March 04, 2011

Photos I Really Like Which Generally Haven't Gotten Much In The Way Of Recognition at Other Sites #6250

Yet another in a series:   I have quite a few photos through the years that I really like.  But which were not particularly well received in the world.  This is another example:

This is from October 2004, atken with my Kodak LS-443.  That camera died over Thanksgiving of 2004, so this is one of the latter photos I did with it.  The LS-443 was better than the 2MP digital I had before, but still below the quality level I wanted.  Unfortunate, because this photo really "speaks to me", but the file won't support any reasonable sized hard-copy.  Oh well, huh? 

The image was taken at Silver Lake Park in Highland IL, during a lunch time.  It was a rainy day, but with breaks, and I was able to wander a bit.  This is probably no more than 30 yards from where I was parked.

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