Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Musical Passings

I read today of 2 musical deaths, thought I'd pass them along:

Poly Styrene (aka Marion Elliott-Said), lead singer of X-Ray Spex

One of the bright flashes of the Punk/New Wave movement, Poly Styrene was lead singer for X-Ray Spex are best known for "Oh Bondage, Up Yours".  But the first song I heard by them was "The Day The World Turned Day-Glo".  I remember my brother playing the 45 in the next room, and wondering "what the heck?"....  Uniqe, and certainly NOT boring.  Poly Styrene was only 53.

Phoebe Snow

Best known for the 1975 Top-10 hit Poetry Man.  While she recorded more over the years, her only other Top-40 hit was singing with Paul Simon on his Gone At Last.  Phoebe Snow voice has been described as "unique and untouchable", and Poetry Man remains memorable 36+ years later.  Phoebe Snow was only 60.

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