Saturday, May 07, 2011

Another One Rides The Bus?

I haven’t used public transport since moving to Illinois. It simply wasn’t available at my first job. It wasn’t applicable at my second (worked from home). Now? It simply doesn’t make sense. There are busses available, but…. Using public transportation, my commute would look something like this:

1) Walk 0.5 miles to the bus stop nearest home (google estimates 9 minutes)
2) Ride the bus to the Collinsville transfer station (bus schedule estimates 21 minutes)
3) Transfer (schedules indicate 29 minutes)
4) Ride the bus to the stop nearest work (bus schedule estimates 14) minutes
5) Walk 0.4 miles to the office (google estimates 7 minutes)

Total time is 1 Hr, 20 minutes. Total cost is $3.50. Double everything for the ride home and you get 2 Hrs and 40 minutes, and $7.00. Miss the bus? Add another 30 minutes.

How does that compare to driving? My most direct route is 11.6 miles, and 25 minutes. Assume $4.50/gallon gas and 27 MPG on my car and we get $1.93 each way. Double everything for the ride home and you get 50 minutes, and $3.87.

So why in the world would I use public transportation? It costs more (almost double), and it takes a LOT longer (almost 3x as long) and is less convienient. ..  And while that walking might be nice (and healthy) this time of year, it’s going to be rotten all too often .

Over a year public transportation would cost me an extra $675, and 437.5 hours.
I Don't Think So.


Ol' Froth said...

I take it you don't have to pay for parking? There's where the savings are for mass transit for those who have the option of using their own vehicle. Of course, if you don't have a car...

LSqrd said...

Correct, I haven't had to pay for parking since the late 80's when I worked in downtown DC. Like most folks who work outside major urban area, there's plenty of parking where I work.