Monday, May 16, 2011

The Sincerest Form Of Flattery

From the Top 50 songs of 5/16/1970, looking for cover versions:

#1 was American Woman by the Guess WhoLenny Kravitz's 1999 remake only made it to #49, but was an MTV staple.

#4 was The Beatles' Let It Be.  Kind of a surprise, but there's never been another version make the Hot 100.  I konda liked Brooke White's version, though...

#5 - Simon & Garfunkel - Cecelia.  A band called Times Two remade it in 1988, but only reached #79 (which is WAY higher than it deserves...  wretched, it is)

#6 - Norman Greenbaum - Spirit In The Sky - The 1986 cover by Doctor & The Medics only made it to #69

#11 was Woodstock, by CSN.  Ian Matthews did wait long to cover it, his version made it to #23 in 1971.

#12 - Love On A Two Way Street - Monents.  Covered by Stacey Lattisaw in 1981, peaking at #26

#15 was Friends Of Distinction's original of Love Me Or Let Me Be LonelyPaul Davis' 1981 cover just barely made the Top 40 (peaking at #40)

Flipping the trend, #16 was Rare Eath's remake of Get Ready, which was a hit for the Temptations in 1966.  the Temps only managed #29, though, while Rere Earth's version made #4.

And Joe Cocker's remake of The Letter was at #21, on it'sway to #7.  The Box Top's original was a chart topper....

And at #26, Fifth Dimension's Pupet Man.  Tom Jones did a cover version in 1971.  5Th Dimension made it to #24, Tom's cover almost equalled it at #26.

I could keep going, but I won't.....
So, for this snapshot of the charts, 7 of the Top 26 songs (27%) have had subsequent remakes in the Hot100.
And 2 of the Top 26 songs (8%) were remkes of previous songs from the Hot 100........

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