Thursday, June 23, 2011

What's In A Name - POLL!!!!

Last evening, I was able to catch a few songs from one of our area's local "youth" bands.  We know the bass player's family  (In fact, he's covering for me this Sunday in the Church Praise Band).  His band was playing in a gig sponsored by a local music store, we were able to catch 4 songs before another commitment.  Meanwhile, there's another gig tonight, a fundraiser put together by a kid from another family we know. We're going to try and attend that, too.  All local bands to our area, and at least most of them kids.

Point is, I was looking at the band names of the groups at these 2 events, and mentally ranking them.  Then I figured, "Hey, why not try a poll on the blog?".  So I did:

You input is requested!
Now that you've voted, some more info on the bands.  I'm not sure aqll the links are right, (something to take into consideration when naming your own band!)
Equal Squeeze, Anthem, The Last In Line, Heads In The Sand, Nicole Nelson Band, Exit 12, Juvenile Delinquents, Mellow D's

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