Thursday, August 18, 2011

Worst "Live" Album Title Ever?

I'll nominate "Wipe The Windows, Check The Oil, Dollar Gas" - The Allman Brothers Band

OK, maybe WORST EVER is harsh.  But it's got to be up there.  It's not offensive, but it has no real redeeming value, either.  It's long without being memorable.  It's not particularly clever, nor does it evoke any imagry that immediately relates to the Allman Brothers.  It has no overt (or subtle) reference to the live-ness of the recordings.  Pretty much useless.

The album's genesis is hardly encouraging:  The Allman Brothers had disbanded following the release of 1975’s Win, Lose Or Draw. The band's label, Capricorn, was experiencing financial problems. Capricorn also had a number of live recordings in the vault. The inevitable result of this situation was Capricorn issuing a live album to cash in on the band’s popularity

You can see why wikipedia's article notes:  "the packaging was substandard"...  I'll include the naming of the album.  I bought this album sometime around '78-'80, and it was already in cut-out bins.  It's far from bad music, but the title still stinks.  And I just dubbed it from vinyl to mp3 last night.

Any other nominees?

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