Wednesday, September 21, 2011

No Prize Contest

Several years ago, I was a regular participant at One ot the things I liked about it was their monthly photo contest. I gathered a few “Finalists” and a couple of 2nds. Over time BP evolved and I drifted away from that forum.  Meanwhile: I recently started posting photos at It seems to be an interesting site, with its own set of plusses and minuses. And they even have contests!

The past 2 months I’ve joined the NPC (No Prize Contest). The moderator picks a theme, you select your entry, and then your peers vote. This month’s theme was “The World At Night”. Looking through my portfolio, I only had 1 appropriate photo:

I ended up in a tie for 127th place (out of 159 entries). Not exactly “In The Hunt”, but probably appropriate. Lots of really outstanding photos: Win, Place, Show.

I did upload another better photo after entereing the contest, I'd like to think this one might've scored better.  But I have no expectation that it would've ended up near the top....

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