Thursday, September 22, 2011

On The Baker Trail

I've spent some time this evening tweaking a few old slides.  Well, actually tweaking scans of slides...  And listening to old music.  Works for me!

These are from my high-school days, pretty sure this was fall of '77.  I spent a weekend with a friend (Greg Highlands) at his family's place near Punxatawny, PA.  I wish I remembered the location a bit better.  Anyway, these images, are from ~33 years ago, when I was 17-ish.

You can click on the photos for larger views, btw...    Yep, when I was 17, my idea of a great weekend was to get out of the city and do some hiking.  This is the only time I ever spent on the Baker Trail, which is surprising, since it's closer to Pgh. than a lot of places we went...  And this was just a day hike.

You can tell I was pretty novice with my camera then.  I did a like twaeking, but not a ton.  The last one was quite badly off level, for example.  I like to think I've gotten better through the years.

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