Sunday, April 22, 2012

From The Archives - On The Palouse

I (semi) randomly select photos for the "From The Archives" series.  It is kind of interesting that this came up now.  This photo is from my first trip through the Palouse region of SE Washington State.  And I just returned from my most recent trip to the area.  This was Spring of 2001, IIRC.  This was taken with my firsth digital camera, you can tell by the rather mediocre image quality.  It was a pretty good camera for the time, but technology has improved pretty dramatically.

The story behind this shot:  I had been to the Washington State Univeristy Hands On Relay School, as part of my job (with a previous employer).  We led the lab sessions associated with our company's products and supported the "Suppliers' Showcase".  All good fun.  The best way to get in and out of Pullman Washington (from St. Louis, at least) is to fly into Spokane, and drive 80 miles south.  When I have any spare time on the drive, there's plenty of opportunities for short excursions off the main road.  Which is how this photo came into being.  This is along the road from Rt..195 to Steptoe Butte, from the south.

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