Thursday, May 10, 2012

Rock Me On The Water

from the archives:
This is a Water Inlet building for the St. Louis Waterworks.  This is located in the middle of the Mississippi River, about 9.5 miles upstream from downtown St. Louis.  This was taken from the Old Chain Of Rocks Bridge, which is now a hiking/biking site.  The building is from way back in 1894, and has survived many floods.  If I Recall Correctly, during the '93 flood, the water was close to (but not reaching) the walkway.  The river was about 20' above flood stage both St. Louis and Atlon (about 10 miles upstram)

I believe this was taken in the 2004, but maybe 2003. I had taken my son for a Saturday excursion, and we walked the length of the bridge (and back) from the Illinois side.  Pretty good hike for a preschooler, about 2 miles round trip.  Its a pretty interesting place,but we haven't been there in years.  Its a pretty desolate place, which I generally like.  But they were having some security problems, and had to close the parking lot on the Missouri side.  An unpleasant reminder of the location's rather unsavory hstory.

This is one of my more popular photos at Panoramio, with over 1,000 views. 

The title is from Jackson Browne's 1972 single, which only made it to #48 on the charts.


John Roberts said...

I can't get a grasp of the scale in this picture. I'm sure it's large, but it looks like a miniature building. How big is it?

LSqrd said...

Hmmm... it's a "real" building. But it's probably not bigger than a 1-car garage. But taller. Much taller.