Friday, June 29, 2012

Arizona, have another look at the world, my, my

So, my younger daughter is getting ready to head to Northern Arizona University for grad school (go Lumberjacks!).  Pretty cool, huh?  This photo is from Phoenix Mountains Preserve, taken during a business trip way back in January 2003.  This in and around Piestewa Peak, which was called Squaw Peak back then.  But I've never been to Flagstaff, which is 150 miles north of Phoenix...  and about 5,000 feet highr elevation.

The title, of course, is from the Mark Lindsay song "Arizona", which peaked at #10 in 1970.  How many of you knew that Mark Lindsay was also lead singer for Paul Revere and the Raiders?


Scott said...

If you come out this way, you should take the extra four hours to drive down from Flag to Tucson for a visit. Or let me know when you're coming and Cindy and I might drive up to see you. We spend lots of time camping and hiking in northern AZ and southern UT.

LSqrd said...

I'm driving out w/ her starting Tuesday. Plan is to hit Flagstaff late Thursday, get her moved in Friday and then I'll fly home Saturday. Trying to plan a "real" visit with Linda & Matthew in the fall (October?). Would love to see y'all sometime.