Friday, June 08, 2012

Hit Me With Your Best Shot?

I’ve got a lot of music in my collect. A LOT. But none of it by Pat Benatar.  At least until this week.

Now, I’ve not had anything against Pat Benatar. I've just never been driven to own any of it. Maybe it was that video for “Love Is A Battlefield”.  More likely it’s just that by the 80’s I wasn’t all that interested in “popular” music... or poular culture.

Anyway, through the wonders of DVR, I was recently watched a “Behind The Music Remastered” episode on Pat Benatar, and remembered her several solid songs. In today’s day of $0.99 per song downloads, there were a couple worthy of the Wish List.

Fast forward a few weeks. Thanks to the purchase of a reference book for work, I got an email from Amazon with a $2 credit for mp3 downloads. SCORE! Click on the link in the email, and first thing I see is Pop Classics”, albums for only $2.99. And there I found Pat Benatar’s Greatest Hits.  Including all 15 of her Top 40 hits.

Take off the credit, and we’re down to $0.99 for a 20 song album, including at least 5 songs I was considering anyway. SOLD!

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