Friday, July 27, 2012

Brand New Cadillac

One of ther sites I was interested in seeing on our cross country drive was the Cadillac Ranch.  As noted at  "An aristocracy of roadside attractions has been raised over the years: glorified in photo essays, calendars, blogs, and Tweets; spotlighted in video and film; instantly recognizable as icons. These Great Monuments, we are told, represent America's hopes and dreams, art and commerce, materialism and spiritualism, folly and fame.   Cadillac Ranch is one of them..."
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Well, when we drove past it, I figured it must be something else.  My daughter did a quick "google" and confirmed that we had indeed just passed it.  So we looped back and checked it out.  As noted in the link above, you can smell the spray paint from the road, ~225 yards away. 

These cars have been painted over and over and over (etc)...  Note (above, right side) the young girl spraying more.  It was quite windy when we were there, seems like a poor day to spray paint.  But what do I know?
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A couple more shots of the girl paining....  I think i like the first one more.

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Below is a close up of one of the few Cady's that still has fins:
I found an image on Google that shows this one before "art".
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And (of course) the undersides of the cars are not exempt:

Specific location, and one more photo here.

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