Saturday, August 04, 2012

The questions of a thousand dreams, What you do and what you see

So, I've been listening to Buffalo Springfield's "Last Time Around" this weeked, courtesy of the local library system.  Previously, my Buffalo Springfield knowledge has primarily been throuigh the "Retrospective" album (which I've had in one format or another since the late 70's).

Anyway, the song "Questions" came on (written by Stephen Stills), and the lyrics jumped right out at me.  It's the same as later used in the later portion of the Crosby, Stills Nash & Young song "Carry On" (written by Stephen Stills).   Or, as noted in the description of the YouTube link:  "Classic song that would develop further into Carry On". 

Oh, the questions  Of a thousand dreams
What you do and what you see  Lover, can you talk to me

Girl, when I was on my own  Chasing you down
What was it made you run  Trying your best just to get around

And really digging on Bruce Palmer's bass on the Buffalo Springfiled version...

Bottom line, there's 3-4 songs from "Last Time Around" that I'll be picking up on MP3, thanks to the test drive.

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