Saturday, September 08, 2012

I've looked at clouds from both sides now.

This image was taken 7 minutes before the image I posted last night.   A rather dramatically different scene.

Meanwhile, this is one of those images that turned out pretty disappointing. Above is uncropped, with only minor adjustments.  The cloud bank at the lower leftlooks fake, and is distracting.  The clouds on the right create a line of dark/bright that really bugs me.  I'm not sure why the top left is so dark.....  And there's not quite enough orange glow.   GRRRRRRR.

So, a year later, I decided to try an dind a crop that I didn't hate.  Try to isolate some of the good, and trim off the bad.  Here's the best I could manage:

A very tall, narrw presentation.  I don't think it's horrible.  But still not exactly great.

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