Saturday, September 29, 2012

Nothing Is the Same

There's a rest-stop along I-55, just south of Pontiac, IL.  About 1.5 <--> 2 hours south of the Chicago area, depending on traffic.  It makes for a good stopping point on the way home, after the joys of driving in Chicagoland.   There's a great little stream that runs right behind the building, which (usually) provides some nice views.  Over the years I've taken quite a few images around this stop.

Except it has been a VERY dry summer in Illinois this year.  The view last week was quite....  well.....  bleh.

By comparison, try this one, from a few years ago.

Oh, and the title?  That's from the Grand Funk Railraod song from 1970.  Off the "Closer To Home Album"....  And yes, I have this one on vinyl.

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